The Community Rabbi Foundation
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 The Community Rabbi Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to serving the Jewish community at large; offering rabbinic services and Jewish opportunities to all who are interested in engaging in them.  The Foundation has an integrated approach to Judaism and spanning and honoring the spectrum of Jewish practice.  Services provided will be determined by the needs of the Jewish Community, the community-at-large, and may include:

Providing learning groups and study opportunities / Worship services/gatherings
High Holiday Services  / Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Guidance 
Hospital chaplaincy visits  / Visits to the homebound 
Community holiday gatherings  / Social action initiatives 
Resource for those seeking to engage or re-engage in Judaism 
Outreach to the unengaged and/or non-affiliated
Representation in community interfaith settings  / Speaking to community groups 
Serving at Life Cycle events  / Providing support to local synagogues and rabbis as needed

The idea of a community rabbi is an old idea made new again.   In the days when Jews lived in insular communities, there were rabbis who served the Jewish community-at-large, whatever their needs, whether spiritual or material.  The rabbi was paid directly by those who could afford it, but community service was covered by generosity of patrons and the community-at-large.  These rabbis worked with whoever needed them and for the good and unity of the Jewish community as a whole.  Today, the position of community rabbi still exists, but more often it occurs in the orthodox world and in Israel.   Suburban sprawl has spread the Jewish population out over a large areas, but the need to be served and to feel like community still exits.  The function of The Community Rabbi Foundation is to reach out to serve those who may be looking for connection to community and to Judaism according to their varied levels of need and to be available for those who come seeking.   The community-at-large also at times seeks the services of a Rabbi for events or public functions and the Foundation can serve this need as well.

The Foundation and the services that it provides will be supported by donations from individuals and grants from agencies and organizations dedicated to the service of the Jewish people.

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